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    Contact - Locations - About Us

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  • Contact - Locations - About Us

    Contact - Locations - About Us

    •  We are ready to help!

About Us and Our Mission

We are addicted to nature and all of its raw beauty. We are hikers, climbers, paddlers, bikers and of course... campers. There is no better way to immerse yourself in nature, than by sleeping outside. 

We want you to truly: relax, explore, and reconnect with nature -  this is our mission.

We can help you achieve this by:

  • Providing camping equipment of the highest quality.
  • Ensuring all of our equipment is clean and functional.
  • Ensuring your equipment pick-up, and drop off is easy and hassle free.
  • Provide un-biased advice on camping in western Canada, to the best of our ability.
  • Share as much of our local knowledge as we can, and to be available for advice.


Rent a Tent Canada - Banff Tunnel Village 1 - A Loop Halo 6p
Banff National Park of Canada, Village 1, Site: A46

Rent a Tent Canada WildCamping02Rent a Tent Canada Wild hiking Mount Edith Cavell


From Grassroots Beginnings

Rent a Tent Canada Founder Timo Bolder Grass Roots

Over the years, we have hosted many international friends who were interested in camping. Our friends were not looking forward to paying for, nor driving massive R.V.'s (motor homes) however. So, we started looking around for ways to rent a "typical car camping package". We could not find any that really worked. They were either: a tent plus some simple mats, or of poor quality.

In 2007 Rent-a-Tent Vancouver was launched. Our formula was so well received, that we launched a sister company in 2010 - Rent-a-Tent Banff. Today, we are collectively know as Rent-a-Tent Canada. The key to our success even through our growth, is our personal touch. Every guest we meet is treated like a visiting friend.

We look forward to meeting you on the West Coast, or in the Rockies. We really look forward to the stories you bring back to us!